Best Beaches | St. John

Maho Bay

Maho Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been to. With turquoise waters, white powder sand, it is absolutely stunning. The beach is shaded by Maho Trees, a type of native hibiscus with heart-shaped leaves and yellow flowers that slightly resembles a coconut palm. Look for sea turtles while you swim in the shallow waters.



Cinnamon Bay 

For those who need more to do than just relax on the beach, Cinnamon Bay offers a variety of vendors marketing different watersport activities, including kayaking, windsurfing, and diving equipment. You can also join a pickup volleyball game or hike the Cinnamon Bay nature trail.


Trunk Bay

Part of Virgin Islands National Park, Trunk Bay is the most popular beach on St. John. The park’s world-famous underwater snorkeling trail, complete with interpretive signs, begins here. You can also visit the Annaberg Sugar Plantation ruins during your day at the beach. With its white sand, bright blue waters, and verdant foliage, Trunk Bay is considered the most beautiful beach on St. John. Because of all the hype, it also tends to be very crowded.


Gibney Beach

One of four public beaches on Hawksnest Bay, Gibney Beach is a quiet strip of sand fringed by palm trees. Today, it’s mostly owned by the U.S. National Park service. This north shore hidden treasure is unmarked from the road, accessible only via a gravel path and on foot.


Francis Bay Beach 

Located on the north shore, Francis Bay Beach is one of the longest strands on St. John, and a mecca for beach walkers as well as sun-worshippers. The sunsets at this west-facing beach are amazing. Snorkelers will encounter many tropical fish (and the seabirds that feed on them). The Francis Bay Trail is good for bird-watching, too, and with a wide beach regardless of tide and a big public parking lot, is a great destination for travelers of all interests looking for a fun day at one of the islands’s most diverse and beautiful beach spots.




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